Programa Formación Docente 2008 -2009
Programa Formación Docente 2008 -2009

 Effective presentations in English
 Clara Molina
Horas de formación
 6 horas presenciales
 7 horas no presenciales
Créditos ECTS
Horario y lugar
  2019-10-14 de 10:00 horas a 14:00 horas en Sala Sigma-2ª Entreplanta Rectorado
2019-10-28 de 12:00 horas a 14:00 horas en Sala Sigma-2ª Entreplanta Rectorado
Objetivos del módulo
 Learning how to plan and deliver effective presentations with a focus on designing and exploiting (visual, textual and other) aids for oral presentations.
 1. Planning an oral presentation 2. Designing visual aids 3. Delivering the talk 4. Resources of help
Competencias que se van a adquirir
 By the end of this module, attendants should be familiar with the basics for devising and delivering an effective presentation (content structure, visual aids, rapport with the audience and the like).
Metodología docente
 Open lectures, in-class hands-on work, individual homework, presentation in front of an audience.
Sistema de evaluación
 Attendants aiming at being awarded 0.5 ECTS credit will have to submit a very brief recorded presentation shortly after the first in-class session has taken place. After the second session, participants will have to upload a final one-page report onto the platform. Individual feedback will be provided by the lecturer once the module has been completed.
Descripción de las actividades presenciales
 One 4-hour session plus one 2-hour session: 1. Lecturing on what makes presentations work (and not) 2. Hands-on activities for enhancing the effectiveness of oral presentations 3. Actual presentations (together with assessment)
Descripción de las actividades no presenciales
 A thorough revision of accompanying materials. Submission of a very brief recorded presentation (together with the accompanying visual aids) that shows the course contents (as well as the recommended references) have been actually applied to produce an enhanced oral presentation. In addition, a one-page document summarizing (i) those things that have had a most significant impact and (ii) those aspects which will actually be applied (and how) in further practice.
Referencia de consulta básica bibliografía, URL...
 To be facilitated in electronic format by the lecturer.
Información de interés para los participantes
 1. The module will be conducted in English in full: A working knowledge of the language (such as the customary one at international research conferences, that is, a CEF_B2 = upper intermediate level) is a requirement) 2. Attendants should bring a laptop or tablet to carry out online work during the in-class sessions 3. The recorded homework does not require anything but a smartphone with which to record and send a three-minute sequence La asistencia presencial a al menos un 80% del curso es un requisito imprescindible para la obtención del certificado del curso, independientemente del motivo que lo provoque, ya sea justificado o injustificado. Se realizará control de presencia al inicio y al final del curso, siendo responsabilidad del participante informar previamente sobre ausencias intermedias. La anulación anticipada de la participación en un curso no supone nunca una penalización para poder ser seleccionado en otro.